Geological Sample in Presentation Case

A geologist friend left a small rock sample in my car when he visited.So I could havethrown it awaywrapped it up and send it to himhand-crafted a needlessly complex presentation case for it.I chose option 3). Making the Case Substrate To protect the sample, and to hold it securely, the case was g…
By: Alex in NZ

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Dually Flush Mount 24W CREE LED Pod Lights Install Guide

This Instructables tutorial brought to you by iJDMTOY will show you how to install the dually flush mount 24W CREE LED pod lights. This is a universally fit LED product that is very popular because of how seamlessly it sets itself on any surface of trucks like Ford, Chevy, GMC, and Toyota. These LED…
By: ilovejdmtoy

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Street-Art Inspired Concrete Wall Art / Agamograph

I collaborated with my friend Ariel (Instructable name: relg) to make this Concrete Agamograph with a walnut backboard and LED backlighting. We made triangular pieces from Quikrete Q-Max concrete mix in a melamine form, and used Fuse-it adhesive to attach them to a walnut plywood backboard. Behind…
By: Modustrial Maker

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