Rechargeable LED Light

hi i made few rechargeable lights from cheap ebay components and LI-ion batteries from old electronics Schematic and Component’s 1. charging board switch3. some resistor (60Ω for single LED) and LED (LED will get dimmer as battery voltage goes down)3.1 for constan…
By: MatejB19

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DIY Cheap and Easy Paddle Board/kayak Stand

DIY Cheap and easy paddle board/kayak standKeeping your paddleboard (or kayak) out of the sun will prolong its life. So will keeping it off the ground. This paddleboard stand (for one or two boards) offers a strong, permanent, lightweight solution that requires a limited investment of time (less th…
By: ToddHanson

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Noise Traffic Light – DIY 3D Printed

All people want to work in silence and It’s important to have a good working environment. The silence leads to an efficient work.We did this project to reach this proposal. The noise traffic light consists of a ‘traffic light’ which controls the dB of an area: When it indicates green, means that the…
By: Innovart Studio

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