Upcycled GREEN Nature Lamp

Gather round, I got me a lamp that y’all might wanna try makin’, just gimme a moment to show y’all how. Here we have us a fantastic green upcycled lamp, featuring a jar, USB or battery power, and a log. Oh, and it has RGB LEDs in it. Even though I only wanted green light. More options for later, I s…
By: Dangerously Explosive

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Summer time means barbecuing and spending time outdoors with friends and family. Today I’m going to show you how to make easy DIY Yardzee lawn dice. It’s like Yahtzee, but with giant wood dice that you can play in the backyard or at the beach. You’ll find links to free dice template and printable Ya…
By: diymontreal

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Filtered Rainbows: a Simple Experiment on the Colors of Light

The following instructable describes a very minimal setting to play with the colors of the rainbow. It might be usable for educational purposes or just for fun.A bit of theory: sunlight in the visible spectrum consists of a homogenious mixture of light of all colors, from (ultra)violett to (infra) r…
By: Dr H

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