A Sulky Lamp

Concept: I made a lamp that always needs attention. It was inspired by my wife. I am a graduate student so I am always busy with my schoolwork. My wife wants to talk with me when I come home. When I pay little attention to her, she gets sulky, and I walk on eggshells. I put her characteristic into t…
By: jungsooxpark

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Arduino Controlled Solar Charger and Camping Light

I have had enough of buying cheap solar phone chargers that do not work, and have developed my own.Ingredients…Clear plastic PELI case available on eBay.Arduino NANO available on eBay.0.96 inch OLED Display – available on ebay and adafruitSimple SPST Switch2.5v High power 3 watt LEDsSolar panel (a…
By: HowardLJTaylor

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